Kerri Kasem


Kerri Kasem, a multimedia personality, producer and writer, who has anchored music, talk and entertainment programs for radio and television. 2018 marks her twenty-first year in the business. She is passionate about health and believes that nutrition plays a huge part in physical and mental health. She writes:

“I know personally the effects that an underlying physical conditions can have on someone’s mental state, as I was diagnosed with “ADD” when, in fact, I had severe vitamin deficiencies and horrible anemia. Those two factors alone mimic the symptoms of ADD. And a simple blood test would have shown that.

What confused and perplexed me the most is that the psychiatrist who diagnosed me “ADD” never bothered to perform a full medical examination to rule out any real medical causes of my distress. I later came to discover that psychiatrists never perform any medical tests whatsoever before diagnosing people “mentally ill” and prescribing them powerful and dangerous psychiatric drugs. The fact that these drugs are so freely prescribed in our society is a major concern to me, as I don’t believe the public are being accurately informed about the subjective nature of these diagnosis of mental disorders, nor warned about the very real side effects of the drugs prescribed.

Having symptoms of ADD and being “diagnosed” with the disease in her early 20’s, Kerri was given medication that made her feel sick.  In the documentary, Food Heals, Kerri states, “Within twenty minutes of walking into the doctor’s office I was diagnosed with ADD. I was never asked about my diet, allergies or vitamin deficiencies.” Trying to find answers, Kerri did some research of her own finding out that she was anemic and had several vitamin deficiencies. She also learned that her sleep patterns were disrupted because of her allergies. She states, “I was not stupid, I did not have ADD and my mind worked perfectly fine after I changed my diet and handled my allergies.”  Kerri believes most people who have been “diagnosed” with mental disorders might be dealing with a body health issue or issues. There are healthier alternatives to medication and thats why she co-founded “Breakthrough Naturally” with Performance and Health Coach, Neiko Alexander.

Neiko Alexander


Neiko Alexander is a Performance and Health Coach. He helps parents of children and adults alike who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD through nutrition, diet, exercise and organizational skills. He works with doctors who test for vitamin deficiencies, allergies and sleep issues.

On a recent health podcast Neiko explained his frustrations with his own diagnosis:
“At 6 years old I was diagnosed with ADHD, and the worst part about the initial diagnosis was that it was done by my grade school teacher NOT by a doctor. At my first doctors appointment, within 15 minutes of entering his office, he wrote me a prescription based on the teachers “examination”, not from any tests that he had administered. For the next 14 years I felt like I was a drug addict, not by choice. The medication made me feel like a zombie and introverted. While other kids were playing I was zoned out and wanted to sleep most of the time. I was forced to take ADHD medication daily because the doctor was too lazy to find out what my body truly needed. They put a bandaid on an open wound that needed stitches.”

Neiko’s passion to help people has resulted in testimony from parents stating, “Neiko has done what the doctors could not, actually help my child. He is our saviour.” and “Getting off of sugar and processed foods and adding vitamins to my diet has changed my life. Not only do I feel more in control of my mind and body, I have more energy and I’m happier!”

Neiko’s philosophy is, “If you have the knowledge to help somebody, it is unethical not to.”

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